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why can't I install it on the app?

Thank you for the information. We will investigate and try to find a solution to this problem


Hi ThanOneChicken. We have added a version that now works with the hitch app. Try it out. 

Thanks, Luminfern. Is there a tutorial?

There are plans to integrate some helpful tips in the new version of the game. 

Hey Guys, I just played a little into it and I am super hooked. I am looking forward to you guys finishing this. I feel like there are a lot of potentials. 

Thank you MogKwar. We try to do our best. There will be a new version coming out in the near future that will have new weapons, intro and some other stuff. 

Hi can u tell me the minimum system requirements. Can i play it on 6gb ram i5-3rd gen with intel hd 4000 graphic card

Hi wthdev. I think you will get quite low fps rate with that graphics card but you can set everything to minimum settings and see how it goes.  Lowering the  screen resolution settings is an option too.

Thank ; 


Add your game on Linux platform please


Hi, we are currently focusing on Windows version, but we will see if there is a possibility for making a Linux one.

Hey if u guys could give it to me in a .zip instead of a .rar that would be highly appreciated


Hi, we made a zip version and it is now also available for downloading )

iim gooooooooood at this SH**


hello what would the system reqs be?

Hi, it runs smoothly at about 80-90 fps with epic setting on system  intel core i7, GeForce 1070 with 20Gb of RAM.